Hey! I'm Amy, a designer and creative entrepeneur living on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire. I love being able to breath in the fresh sea air from my doorstep, it's these simple pleasures which I like to live my life by.

For me, my happy place is at home with my fiance, James and our cocker spaniel puppy Halle, enjoying a BBQ or a cosy night in.

I have a crazy passion for films, a pretty eclectic music taste and a real desire to binge watch US drama series.

My escape is taking a trip out walking round all the beautiful places the north of England has to offer!


Creativity always flowed through my family, from my dad writing for local newspapers, designing books and magazines, to my grandad on my mum's side being a printer, to my great grandad on my dad's side being a famous German artist.

All this influence led me to study media at college where I was able to gain experience in a wide variety of mediums.

After a few years of working retail, I landed a volunteery position at a local design agency where I went on to becoming their senior designer for almost 5 years.

I left knowing I wanted to persue my dreams of running my own business and there Amy Jones Design Co. started.