Just a little note.

Hi, I'm Amy - The owner and creator of everything happy life. I'd like to say I'm a one (wo)man band, but to be honest I'm completely useless when it comes to musical instruments, despite having had 2 years of expensive guitar lessons back in high school - sorry mum!

So yeah it's just little ol' me - a clone would be pretty useful at times but I don't think there's been headway on that since Dolly the Sheep...


How it all began...

...my business that is, not evolution.

Life, the world, the universe sometimes has a funny way of showing it loves you. At times you've got to read between the lines and that's exactly what I've been doing - for the past few years I've had a tough time with mental health problems. Living with severe anxiety, depression and depersonalisation sometimes felt like I was trapped in a dark room without an escape and I started to furiously panic that I was never going to get out. 

Over time and after many counselling sessions I've started to see a small light and a way out. During the last 12 months I've been working hard to restore a better sense of balance in my life - and in December last year I decided to leave my stressful 9-5 to start working from home full time.

I felt a sudden sense of relief to have this new found motivation to really start on this journey into becoming a solopreneur. After a much needed name change in March 2017 The Happy Life Balance Co. was born - metaphorically of course!

So without all that happening I know that I definitely wouldn't be here talking to you now... crazy how things work out right?


Everything happy life.

I created 'The Happy Life Balance Co.' with the main purpose of turning a negative into a positive.

I wanted to give people a place they could look to get helpful tips and affordable products they could use to help them create their own 'happy life balance'.

We shouldn't let day to day life get so difficult and overwhelming but unfortunately it happens far too often. Once you're in that mindset the world can quickly become a very lonely place.

That's why all the products I create for 'THLBC' have been things the have dramatically helped me on my journey, from techniques to new hobbies and organising my day better to simply receiving a card with some heartfelt words in.

It's these little things that can truly help, unfortunately when we are stressed or anxious they often get neglected and pushed to the back of the pile. But it's things like these that form the basis of self care and help us to build on ourselves.

It's time to start investing in our own mental wellbeing as life can start to loose purpose without it.