Introducing the face behind the business

Introducing the face behind the business | The Happy Life Balance Co.

Hey! So now you know all about the meaning behind my new business name I feel like I should introduce myself.

I’m Amy Jones the owner, founder, creator (and whatever else you wanna call it) of this shenanigan. As I’m writing this I’m a cool 26 years young, but as my fiancé loves to remind me that definitely is classed as late 20’s – thanks for that...

I’m an only child born in heart of the UK in a lovely place called Macclesfield, Cheshire, but at the grand ol’ age of 2 I moved (with my parents, because c’mon I was 2!) and headed northwards to Kirkham, Lancashire. Because of my parent’s obsession with moving, I’ve also lived in Lytham, Ansdell, St.Annes and now Warton on the Fylde Coast – that last two of which were just with my now fiancé James.

Amy Jones | The Happy Life Balance Co.

Ok so enough of the boring stuff, here are 20 fun and random facts about me:

  1. I love the colour yellow; it’s partly why I called my old business Lemonaid Tree.
  2. My eyes change colour, quite dramatically day to day – I’m talking blue/grey one day, green/brown the next.
  3. I love live music so much I must have been to a couple hundred gigs and concerts over the years.
  4. I’m not really a fan of sports, apart from baseball – I’ve been to quite a few stadiums over the years, both major and minor league. Oh and I’m a big fan of the Philadelphia Phillies!
  5. I don’t really drink alcohol; instead, I tend to live off water and decaf tea.
  6. I do love tea but have a nasty habit of only drinking half a cup – oops.
  7. My music taste is very diverse, some say strange, but I’m going with diverse. I’m usually listening to Country, Latino or 80’s anthems – but I do also love Musicals, Disney and Pop Punk / Rock.
  8. I’m happiest when I’m on holiday with the sun of my face, good music in my ears and reading a great book.
  9. Speaking of books I’m currently reading all of Nicholas Sparks’ books in the order he wrote them.
  10. I have a pretty impressive DVD collection which takes up a whole wall in my house.
  11. I’m not a fan of wearing socks and try to get away with not wearing them at all throughout the summer months.
  12. My favourite Disney princesses are Moana and Merida – the ones without boyfriends.
  13. I regularly dance around the kitchen singing at the top of my voice whilst I cook dinner.
  14. I’ve always been into Arts and Crafts – which can especially be seen in the collection of homemade ‘sorry’ cards I made my Mum when I was little...
  15. I like to think I get my creativity from my Great Granddad, the famous German artist Otto Schubert.
  16. I met my now fiance when I was just 14 years old, we dated for a little while back in high school before getting back together on my 18th birthday and the rest is history! We’ve now lived together for 5 years.
  17. I’d love to visit all 50 US states, I’ve currently been to about 10 – a little way to go yet!
  18. I was born with a heart condition that meant I had to have heart surgery at only 9 months old.
  19. I didn’t go to university, so have no formal design qualifications just a triple distinction in Media Studies which I got from the college I went to after high school.
  20. I have a kitty cat called Brody, but she lives with my parents as my fiancé is definitely NOT a cat person. We hope to get a little sausage dog called Monty, well that I’d like to call Monty.

Phew, that’s a whole lot about me, but hopefully, that was a little more interesting than me droning on about my life history.

I’d really love to know some fun and quirky facts about you too! Drop a comment in the box below and introduce yourself :)