Why I re-launched my blog and the meaning behind my newly named business

First of all thanks for joining me over here on my new blog and website ‘The Happy Life Balance Co.’

Some of you may have known me previously as Lemonaid Tree but back in March this year (2017) I decided to take another leap of faith and do the dreaded business name change.

In this post, I’m going to explain exactly why I decided to re-launch under a new name and the true meaning behind my re-born business.

Why I Relaunched My Blog - The Happy Life Balance Co

So why the name change?

In my opinion, a business name is a pretty personal thing, it should represent who and what you are all about and my old name just didn’t do that.

I’d ummed and ahhed over the idea of changing it for several weeks but I have to admit that I was super scared to take the plunge. I spent ages trying to convince myself that if I just re-branded my existing site all would be ok.

But after doing that I knew something still wasn’t right.

I was forever getting asked how to spell it, what I did and what I stood for – my answer seemed clear when I first started as a small side hobby back in 2013, but that wasn’t me and where I was anymore.

Over the past several years I’d suffered from severe anxiety and the drain of the 9-5 wore me down to the bone. I’d made a choice back then that I needed to make some drastic changes to my life, so starting a fresh with a new business name seemed like the last part of my new puzzle.

So I did it, I changed my trading name, set up a new website, Etsy shop, social media accounts and jumped head first, straight in – when I say straight in, I mean after procrastinating heavily at the side with my toes hanging over the edge for a good few weeks, but still I finally did it!

And so ‘The Happy Life Balance Co.’ was born.

But where the heck did that name come from?

It wasn’t as cliché as ‘it came to me in a dream’ but it wasn’t far off...

I was actually writing a blog post on my old site when I wrote the line ‘create your own happy life balance’. I immediately froze, and re-read the line over and over again – after contemplating changing my business name for weeks I just hadn’t found the right name to change it to, but this seemed to hit me like a bus. For days after I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

It just seemed to align with everything I was trying to find and achieve, both in my own life and my business. It just felt right.

Which after weeks, months, and years of feeling lost, immediately made me feel like I’d found some connection with what I was doing again.

I guess sometimes when something just feels right it really doesn’t need much more explaining than that – I trusted my gut and that for me was enough.

And how does that align with what you do?

I wanted a business where I could put together the 3 main takeaways I’d gotten from my own journey over the past several years. The 3 cornerstones of how I could be and stay my true self – these 3 things when put into practice helped me get my life back in that ‘AHA’ moment kinda way.

The 3 premises to my business are:

  • Be Positive
  • Get Creative
  • Stay Productive

And that’s really it.

Remove the negative, re-motivate yourself to get back to the heart of what you love and do it in your own way.

Everything I now do for The Happy Life Balance Co. follows those 3 golden rules – and I hope that I can share that through my products, through my blog and through the connections I make now and moving forward with my business.

I guess though in all of that I learnt something even more important...

It really is ok to be yourself - whatever the looks like.